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Training for the Big Event

Here I am training for the big event! Watch me jump over this just like the other doggy champions. Wish me luck!
Border Collie Jumping Over Things

Two Border Collies After a Fresh Swim

Here are couple of Border Collies trying to dry off after a nice refreshing swim on a hot summer day.
Border Collies After Swimming

Border Collie Agility Course Event Photos

Hey guys!

There will to share some photos I snapped at the last agility training course. It was a lot of fun and a lot of people came to visit and watch. Dogs are really great at what they do and that's why I like to go to these events so much. Anyway here are some photos I hope you guys enjoy them!

Border Collie Agility Training




Welcome to My World

Hello people of LiveJournal.com my name is Fred and this is my first blog entry. I'm here to find in socialize other people who shared the same interests as me. I have never blogged before so the please go easy on me. I hope this will be a fun experience and I hope to meet a lot of friendly people.

If you have a blog on this website or even another website that relates to my interests please let me know and I'll check it out. Hope you enjoy what I have to put out and I hope you have a great day. Expect to hear from me soon because I plan to update on a regular basis

I also take a lot of pictures of my dogs Expect to see a lot of photos probably more pictures than text on this blog.